One million of books downloaded during last six years

By my website,, my visitors downloaded, as I said over, one million of my books, those, i.e., that I wrote during my life. And also that, as promoter, I wish to list as follows.

Premessa generale
Nuovo Umanesimo
Morale di Sartre
Appendice al nuovo umanesimo
Traduzione di “Esquisse” di Condorcet
Infanzia svelata

Rifiuto dell’eretico e Cogito cartesiano
Sei libri di cinque cità: Castelseprio, Milano, Monza, Sirmione, Umbria con l’aggiunta degli affreschi di Castelseprio.

Generazione tradita
Nascita della morale
Quattro storie della libertà
Due miti inautentici
Ulisse e i suoi cantori
Intermezzi per Saffo e Alceo

Sherazade e il suo re Sharyar
Contro Storia di Ugo Ciappina
Storia di Contro, il libro su Ugo Ciappina.

Abbiamo così elencato i testi relativi, nell’ordine, ai seguenti argomenti:

letteratura e filosofia
teatro – poesia

I must add that this million of books has been downloaded in about 200 countries of planet, as a challenge to the difficulty of my language.

And this is a discovery: language of Dante is more divulgated, in the world, than how many usually we can think.

I must admit that there has been the help of photobook, photo-sceneries, blogs and communications because usually divulgated in three languages.

It is my duty now to create a link between of the countries who are the strenght and the greatness of my website. Of that I thank all my visitors.

Michele Augias


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Thermic energy of Venus

I discovered that some men of science found the way of collecting the warm atmosphere wich turn around Venus and transferring it, by laser beam and microwaves, on our planet where very big dishes receive it creating, by this way, electric centrals. This is not imagination. Such men of science exist really and searches are work in progress. It is possible I am the least to have knowledge of that. Before, in any case of mass media.

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Saint Gotard Gallery and the sleep of Europe

Switzerland, completely alone, realized gallery of Saint Gotard. Eleven years of work, 57 kilometers of gallery (the longest of world) which points on rail North Europe with Mediterranean Europe.
I ask to me if Europe is conscious of how many millions of tons of goods shall pass from rubber to rail, of how many industrial and services activities shall born and shall develop on around such a rail line. No European Country was present the day of inauguration.

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Lib-lab and third industrial revolution

We spoke on about Lib-Lab as ideology of our age and on about third industrial revolution as sole and inevitable structural reform of our economy.
Now we must constate that Lib-Lab is the sole basis od third industrial revolution. Without such a ideology, this revolution would be not possible. Ideology and revolution are the beginning of a new way of life for entire humanity.
Consequently oppositions are and shall be strong and it shall be necessary a democratic army similar to that of Kemal Ataturk.
Real opposition to lib-lab and to industrial revolution are corruption and all powers often not visible that they create. To all levels, particularly to that hight.
It is not a case that I spoke of multinational States as the atlantic empire by anglo american leader of mediterranean Europe by french leader.
Other asiatic countries shall follow as well as Inde and China in their own interest.

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700 thousand downloaded books

700 thousand downloaded books in italian language downloaded in 150 Countries. After Italy and USA ranking is leaded by Russia and China. Russia introduced italian language in the schools. Downloaded books concern philosophy letters history and theatre-poetry for bibliography university thesis.

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Eolic challenge

Obama challenged for eolic energy in the world. England and France would have the duty to aid him. For interest of same Europe.

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The third industrial revolution

It is already under way, also if timidly, some years ego and it is founded on four structural fields of worldly economy.
1- Electric transport on rail and on water of every kind. Air transport is useful over thousand miles.
2- Alternates energies, solar and Aeolian. I have always some doubt on about the nuclear. Ecologic calamity caused by petrol says clearly that human error, frivolity and indifference are inevitable. A nuclear catastrophe should be again more terrifying.
3- Communications online shall change the world. All peoples shall be able to communicate and each single man shall be able to receive communications “on demand”.
4- Agriculture only shall be able to resolve problems of third world : Africa,, Latin America, Asia. America and France , two Countries very advanced in agriculture, shall have to present and to lead the big projects.
Manufacture cannot be structural , but it shall be useful like corollary .
Projects shall be necessary very big and consequently multinationals with mixed capitals public and private.

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New structure and natural catastrophe

It needs a new structure of towns and country. Totally in Italy , a good part in Europe. Before all a geologic study. In order to face or avoid seismic and volcanic zones and coast as target of sea-quakes and hurricanes.
It needs understand that natural catastrophes became always with the same frequency and intensity. They aren’t an embitterment of our days. One of Apocalypse’s riders represented destructive powers of Nature.
It needs also understand that such great natural movements are signs of vitality of our Planet that, being alive, it can offer hospitality to humanity. At contrary our Planet should be a desert without guests like Moon, Venus and Mars.
The new structure lies in facing these problems and also in avoiding ambient dangers that we know. Examples of new structure already exist in various Countries. It needs only to copy them.
To this purpose other blogs shall follow. However some blogs have been already published and they are still topical and valid.

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Advanced technologies

Examples of advanced technological works already exist in the world. There isn’t that reproduce them.
Please to think to Japanese aerial viaducts or to American elevated roads with infinity of lanes. Please to think to RER of Paris, to most various sources of energy and to infinites technological applications in agriculture industry and services. Please think to infinites developments in the telecommunications.
But it needs reproduce them in anywhere they don’t exist. Always in a multinational program.

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Acreage- an example of liberal-socialism

Each year American “Secretary to agriculture” fixes acreage for each produce (cotton, mail, soy
And other) proportionally distributed between the agriculturists.
Each agriculturist , after, in the ambit of acreage received, can develop his production either quantitatively or qualitatively.
This is an example of liberal-socialism interdependent in a Country which , to only word “socialism”, would mobilize the National Gard.

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Multinational states for work’s programs

In our age the State is the only real and concrete interlocutor of workers. The State must project the big works. For example ,m the high speed from Lisbon to Vladivostok.
At such a point the State cannot be a national State. Italian State would have a sense ? At minimum we should speak of Europe , if it exist. Or of anglo\american empire, which exists. With all their associated of all continents., A thing is sure. Globalisation needs of big directional centres against in utility of local powers. Multinational State couldn’t accept any obstacle.

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Multinational programs are indispensable

Algeria already placed solar panels on Sahara. Please try to think to how many million of solar panels it is possible to put on the Sahara., Please also try to think to how many million of gigantic fauns it is possible to place on Cape Horn where stormy is usual. It needs also add infinite miles of cables for transporting and distributing energy.
Please try to think.

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Full employment like base of economy

News bulletins of Switzerland communicated that this Country ,sole case in the world, realized near full employment . Consequently it can to begin the talk on economy that, as a matter of fact, can begin only from full employment. Without full employment a talk on economy cannot have a sense.
In the past time capitalism controlled the unemployment in order to maintain low the wages. Today this behaviour should be criminal. Consequently full employment isn’t only an economic fact but also a moral fact. In fact new technologies increased needs of goods and services at point that it is possible work, as already said, for at least fifty years. Also funds would be guaranteed. Please think to fiscal shield and to washes of public administrations. Some time ego local administrations were gratis because title of prestige like at the time of Greeks and Romans. Today there is a rush for the salary from side of men idlers that have neither art nor part. Trial is degradation of villages and towns.
Level of unemployment is now a real crime against humanity and a serious Parliament should legislate.

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Three million of out of work, while there is sure work for fifty years

During the time of industrial army employer was only interlocutor of workers, usually in conflicts with these. Class struggle at the shadow of two opposite ideologies: socialism and liberalism.
Technological revolution of our age, not only still alive but with unexpected developments, transformed and keeps transforming the old social order. Industrials hosts don’t exist anymore and surviving battalions are much reduced. It is the birth of various forms of independent word or of little groups. Big companies of transports and of energy shall be obliged at forms of cooperation up to inevitably forms of association.
The State, as only responsible of work program and only financer of economic structures of base, shall be interlocutor of these new worker.
Inside this programs there will be surely the private initiative. Socialism and liberalism shall laws their connotation of the nineteenth century. Not only they shall not in conflict but at contrary they shall be interdependent like History and Moral in the new new humanistic culture. Liberal-socialism becomes as a matter of fact, the ideology of our age without contraposition of another ideology. The real obliged opposition shall be tax evasion, corruption, organised crime, terrorism, religious and racist fanaticism and also nationalism and local nationalism today not only absurd but ridiculous in the global war.
Before to enter in all such problems, I can advance that Italy has three million of out of work but, at the same time, it could have fifty years of sure work and also money to finance.
To this purpose several blogs shall follow.

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Appendix to the blog “In the name of Matteotti and University of Michigan” of May 1, 2008

With reference to the blog like the title ,I would specify that names of command of 207 Brigade Matteotti indicated into the book “Nel nome di Matteotti” edited by Franco Angeli Editore, derive from wrong informations.
I sent online unother bgook titled “Quei ventenni del ‘43” in which are specified the real names of Command that are as follows:
-Telmo Ferrario-commandant
-Bonisolo Marino (Romeo)-vice-commandant and politic commissary.
The Brigade was divcided in Detachments with a commandant and a vice-commandant.
I was vice-commandant of Detachment 212 of which Emilio Stanoppi was vcommandant.
It needs to remember that Brigade 207 freed from Germans the little town of Gallarate.
In my “pièce” of theatre-poetry “Generation betrayed and moral’s birth “ some poems are dedicated to this story.

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The new industry

Today manufacture, textile or mecanic, is monopoli of third world and of under-developed Countries. When such Countries shall arrive to most high le3vel of ndevelopment , generations of that time shall be obliged to invent a new away to lead this work.
In order to aid humanity , it is not possibile to think sufficient the work of third world.
For worldly peace it is necessary to give a little of wellfair to all peoples.
Developed Countries must at contrary engage themselves in search and production of super-technologies not only for themselves but also for all the world.
It becomes necessary a work of general and new construction.
Many towns and countrysides are too old . They can die or esplode.

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Agricolture and technologies

Sixty years ego the “Marche” (italian region) were a burne grownd without life. Now it is a picture of Cezanne .
Technologies applied to each stage of agricultural production made a miracle. It isen’t a miracle , but a method to be divulgated specially in the third world. Itr should be a care for misery of humanity.
America and France hold the powerful agricultures of world. It i sto them divulgation of technologies. It is known that the most part of irrigation’s systems is french. I constatated it, some years ego , in the”Porte de Versailles”, one3 of the most important agricultural fair of world.
But engagement for the third world is not sufficient. Each Country must develop at maximum technologies of its own agricolture in order to increase its production.

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Bicycles in the town and cars outside the city

Parkings of bicycles are spread anywhere ion the town . Bicycles of municipalities are availables without expenses for ncitizens that can use and place them on arrival.
Everybody knows that workers of London and Paris go to work by bicycle.
Half of streets of towns and quarters is occupied by rails and the other half by cycle tracks. On the two sides pavements for pedestrians .
Cars are rarely present . They are reduced at necessary minimum. In interior, in the first morning, for downloading goods , in exterior for services and essential freights. A definitif stop to jams of avenues
Now Japanes are p5roducing on worldly level electr4ic batteries in oirder all motors are in the future electric , giving aq goodbye to pollution.

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For the future town

In a world always more global it becomes inevitable transformation of social structures. The world, which shall come aut of actual crisis , shall be different from what provoked it. At contrary
it shall birth death.
Transformation becomes inevitable in those Countries which have experienced politic classes. Some of them are already on the right road .
Our blogs have the purpose to explain subjects on about structures, which must be transformed , in order to create an organic project.
We have already put online blogs on about buildings, quarters ,rails, tram , trains , alternate energy, ideology of our age a.s.a. Other blogs shall follow.
Consequently I invite all interested web-sites to link one-other4 in order to cooperate for realizing project.

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G8 and L’Aquila – Augias Comment

Earthquake victimes of L’Aquila hoped ,maybe, that powerful men of Earth, assembled in their town for deciding destinies of world , would decided also , in that particular occasion, to give some aid to people which lives in a tent and, lost the work, lost also means for support himself.
At contrary the news has been that powerful States of world had no power of deciding.
Why , consequently , such meeting if such powerful men don’t deciding nothing ?
One can also ask why Press and Television continued to speak on about this meeting of men without power.
I don’t understand also popular protests if powerful men can’t decide nothing. Protests against what ?
I can only understand protests from side of earthquake victims .
Meeting of L’Aquila revealed to be a vanity fair which offends poverty in which it happened.
It is eight years that all the world repeats that G8 is dead. Only Italian politics and journalists don’t know it.

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English rage and Europe

English rage obliged Europe to make its first politic act really as European Union. *It damned without appeal the terrorist of Teheran and his boss Kameney.
We hope that such an act has a continuation due to France and Germany have immediately approved English rage making in the fact about an hypothesis of a Directory like lead of entire Union.
Verum ipsum factum, one makes things making them, and this hypothesis would constitute the concrete beginning of a finally politic Europe.
Unfortunately this is only an hypothesis and not a fact. Transition by hypothesis to a fact implicates intelligence.

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The tram under home – Augias comment

When I was little boy, Milan dwellers said to have the tram under home. In anywhere they should go they knew by heart the number of each tram and its destination. There was a number for each destination from somewhere point of the town one could leave. There was not destination without number. And one left from under home.
Today please see corso Buenos Aires or via Dante or corso Vercelli and the road for Giambellino, corso Lodi and all the roads for suburbs.. Goddard made a film on terrible suburbs of Paris.
Billows of cars thickened like the multitude of manifestations of mass with high crests of smoke.
Now Milan dwellers say that not even Uraja, that nullified Milan for five centuries , would be successful to reduce this town like now.

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Rails ad communications

Trams and rails also in the most remote angles of town. A capillary diffusion of rails and trams. The RER, i.e. underground, to connect various quarters and for going directly to suburbs. Aerial viaducts (they abound in Tokyo) for the loading and downloading in the various quarters. Railways ramified in al directions with left from all quarters for commuters and a railways of high velocity for long distances. Airplanes are useful over two thousands kilometres. Airports must be reached directly from each quarter through underground or railway. Cars must be parked out of suburbs utilized only for that railways cannot serve.
Towns and quarters are green sides for pedestrians and bicycles offered by towns to citizens and parked anywhere.
These are communications in and from any town.
Production of cars must be strongly reduced. It must be substituted by trams, railways in a strong way.

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Buildings and quarters

The buildings must be settled following rules regarding:
- antiseismic exigency
- energy saving
- use of new energy sources (solar panels a.s.a)
- the “buildings” named “popular” must be cancelled also into dictionary.
The same building, anywhere it is, can contain either luxury or economic abitations.

Banks and similar institutes must be located at first floor (like in St. Germain). The ground floor must be reserved to “lumières” of shops and public services.
Like in historic centres, in each quarter must b e locate a great square with theatre, auditorium and premises. In other words, quarters must be equipped as historic centre, must be settled like real towns inside of a great metropolis.
Los Angeles offers an example. As I said elsewhere, connections between quarters must be easy in order to favour cultural exchange and of services. “Ça va sans dire” that the green can’t have limits.
One can conclude that a town as explained in my blogs, Can easy guarantee security of citizens because offers crucial spots with capacity of large control.

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Alternative energy

Japan settled, with rules over said, 90% of building patrimony leaving from ‘50s. Practically half century of work. The same thing should happen in Europe, particularly in Italy.
But, at the problems of building, of town-planning, and of communications it is necessary to add that of alternate energy.
Algerian State covered with solar panels a zone of Sahara producing electric energy. It invited Europe to make the same thing. Anybody wishes produce electric energy in the Sahara can have concession by Algerian State. Italy could make so through ENI and ENEL.
Energy must be transported and the transport is another work to add to production.
Consequently petrol’s production would be reduced with advantage for surroundings.
These new energy should bring benefit to entire planet.

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Fans and wind energy

Fans, one says, offend panorama.
At contrary it seems that America filled Arizona of fans. Maybe Arizona don’t have a nice panorama. But world is large and certainly there are places where it is possible not to offend panorama.
Because wind energy is an important possibility of which it is necessary to take care.

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Iranian crisis

A solution, usually realized by dictatorships, is a bloody repression. So it happened in Budapest and Prague at the time of Sovietic Union and in Tienamen square in China. But such States were rocks and a foreign help put in danger worldly peace.
Today Iran is an isolated State. Other than some little State of no importance, it has no allieds. As a matter of fact it is a terrorist State allied only with terrorist organisations.
Repression is possible but it would be a trial of “bètise” that not guarantees in the long run régime’s duration.
The imposing dimension of popular demonstrations suggests to think that56 there is a crack also at the top of power. Arrogance of Kameney and of his “Gauleiter” aren’t a danger only for peace of world, but also for Iran itself.
It is possible that such a danger is under the eyes of committees which control Country’s policy. There is a force faithful to actual leadership. But there is also a national army which could favour the moderate part of power.
Wisdom suggest that two parts find a point of balance.
The risk is not only the civil war, but the possibility of a serious danger in the entire middle-east region.

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Teheran june ‘09

The demonstrations of Teheran and of the most important towns of Iran (Isfahan a.s.a.) are a collective example of that I definited,in other writings, “freedom ‘s desperation”.
Electoral riggings are only a pretext. Exigency of a multitude really impressive is freedom,individual and collective, to oppose to a fanatic dictatorship, clearly drawn up against peace in the world.
Such demonstrations aren’t like those of ’79 leaded by Komeiny. At that time there was an absolute religious power against the absolute laic power of Reza Pavlevi. There was also the cold war.
Today the purpose is freedom, is democracy that a theocratic power want to deny.

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Ideology of our age – Augias comment

The ideology of our age ,expressed by new humanism and that is perfectly suitable to global world, is only one.
The positivist world produced principally two ideologies that, one against the other, were the basis of historical dialectic: liberal and socialist ideologies.
Our global world verified that liberalism without rules was savage and denied itself, i.e. was a liberalism without freedom. It verified also that socialism, what produced social progress, results now not sufficient. It is a matter of fact.
Social conquests and structural interventions of the State stay embalmed, unusables, if they are not accompanied by those infinite individual initiatives that progress of technologies produced in a society now not only agricultural and industrial, but principally of services.
Technologies reduced agricultural and industrial wor4kers and created an infinite number of new jobs.
The liberal-socialism so results to be the sole ideology suitable with new humanism, with our age, with global world.
What, consequently, could be opposed to this ideology due to History’s basis is a dialectic that repeat itself without end?
Opposition is represented by negation of this ideology, that Sartre called alienation of freedom. And there will be many negations because “il y a les hommes sauvès et les hommes de l’Enfer”. And “les homes de l’Enfer”, that don’t accept freedom and justice but want only privileges and power, always will exist because their arrogance is part of their nature.
The real historical conflict is a moral conflict because Moral,Sartre said, is interdependent with History.
In any case , in the long run, , arrogance always shall be beaten.

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Like Vicar of Seprio

Since about sixty years italian press and television interest themselves to Ugo Ciappina simulating to unknow politic reasons of his robberies. Not for chance we called him “robber and martyr”.
This obstinacy of italian press and televisions remembers the Vicar of Seprio who, after five centuries, made to respect order, during 1286, of Ottone Visconti don’t permit to build and to reside in Castelseprio.
And such a matter up to Napoleon who gave order to one of his sergents to provide.
This sergent, reached the Vicar into “Broletto” of Gallarate, made him shoot on the place without any explication.
Because none explication must be done to humanity’s enemies.
Italian press and television are not afraid not even of funny side.
Yet several American and South African Universities and Libraries discovered and reprinted out book “Contro” (i.e. history of Ugo Ciappina) in order to be available for students and teachers of all the world.
Yet, again, Pietro Valpreda, another martyr of our History, suggested, when he was alive, our book to several newspapers.
Such a book is now online and is downloaded regularly.

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In order to realize democracy in Italy

I would be ridiculous if I pretend to teach democracy to French and English citizens. At contrary Italian men, who felt freedom’s desperation, have the duty to build democracy in Italy. In fact dictatorships more or less masked, devastated Italy for about a century. A graffito of ’68 said :” It shall die in the ridiculous and a laugh shall bury it”.
All can to begin narrating the subjective real life of characters who felt in this Country freedom’s desperation.
The subjective real life is basis and origin of History. Individual freedom, discovered by desperation, leads to democracy.
At contrary France and England will continue to give hospitality to Italian politic exiles. In Italy there is, perhaps, some French or English politic exile?

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Elzevir on about “freedom”

When I hear Bossi and Berlusconi to speak of freedom, this makes me laugh. If, at contrary, I hear Ugo Ciappina, robber and martyr, to speak of freedom, I understand and feel what freedom is. Because I understand and feel desperation that such a man lived and suffered. Because only desperation reveals freedom. In fact I called “desperate of freedom” characters of my works because only with their desperation they divulgate on over all the world the idea of freedom, their desperate freedom.

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Freedom’s desperates

I already wrote elsewhere that I called “freedom’s desperates” the characters who distinguish themselves in my literary, historical, poetic and narrative books and others who succeeded to distinguish themselves during my life and whose I was witness.
Sartre speaks of anxiety and also of “nausea” face to unauthenticity . I felt desperation face to freedom lost or that I was to lose it. So I saw and suffered it in others who I met and whose I was witness. This is the sense that I give to freedom. Somebody gives his own. But all meet the same unsuppressible state of mind. Freedom’s sense is over life and death that are nothing without the freedom. Like two riders of Hegel, one beaten and the other winner. “Do you wish to be a live in slavery or to die in freedom?” Usually the bitten man chose to die. But free.

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New humanism and Sartre’s moral

We said that new humanism was, firstly, search o f new values. Fallen all values, man cannot create himself without create new values.
This is the reason of our search edited during ’79.
Also without intention, we introduced in Italy new humanism but, at the same time, we constated that the search wasn’t ended. The temple of Bramante has not dome. Moral conclusion was missing. And here is, some years after, and posthumous, the “cahiers” and the “carnets” by Sartre that declared only freedom was the basis of all values. Each value must speech itself in the freedom. It needs eight years of work and we put online our synthesis during ’90.
Now “new humanism and Sartre’s moral” is the “trade mark” of our website divulgated over all the world by all search-engines and directories also in China and India

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New Humanism – After the fall

There is another aspect of new humanism which was during ’70s, the basis and the beginning of our search.
Fall of man wasn’t only crisis of positivism and of absolute values but, if one enters in the worldly History, was the man’s fall in the transcendence. Consequently new humanism isn’t other than the new ascent of man for reconquering his own humanity.
Such a subject was basis of our thesis of degree, a part of that we have put online with original title “L’infanzia svelata”.

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What is new humanism

Expression was coined during ’46 by Ferdinand Alquié learning that freedom’s man of irrationalist philosophies opposed to reason’s man of classic philosophy obliging Reason to a, surely noble, solitude. But Alquié goes over. Such a rampant irrationalism creates a “new humanism” which “better suitable to culture o our age”.
It is also true that Heidegger declared that irrationalism don’t deny the reason but searches essence of it.
It is also true, however, that Sartre declared that “existence, choice and freedom are synonymous” and that “existentialism is an humanism” where the “humanism” of Sartre has the same sense of “new humanism” of Alquié.
In fact, for Sartre, the man, fallen all values, remained alone and, “condemned to be free”, was he himself obliged to create himself as man and also his new values.
Consequently it is possible to deduce that new humanism is, firstly, search of new values.
Gaëtan Picon was the first populariser of expression coined by Alquié. His book “panorama des idées contemporanées”, edited during ’56, interested Libraries, Secundary schools and Universities.
It was, consequently necessary to do a second edition during ’68.From this moment New Humanism became the culture of our age.

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“Eluana affair”

The problem is not life or death of Eluana. The problem is the freedom.
Only Eluana can chose to live or to die.
If somebody out, God or State, decide in her place, he should violate the most sacred of human rights, i.e. he should individual freedom of Eluana. In absence of a wrote declaration of Eluana, nobody can nothing decide.
Only Science could decide if it his able to have a scientiphic truth due to the fact that “Eluana is in a vegetative state for 17 years.
At this point there is a declaration of father on about the will of Eluana when she was alive.
True or false, decision is entrusted to Magistrature.
Various orders of judgement, besides that of supreme European Court of human rights, decide that declaration is true. Consequently the choice attributed to Eluana, i.e. her freedom, must be respected.
Discourse can to end here. Also life and death must be always reflected in the freedom.
Without freedom, life and death don’t have any sense.

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Photo-sceneries for students, teachers and cultural men

We are making photo-sceneries as prologues for conferences on about my books to students, teachers and cultural men.
The first four sceneries are already online and can be screened on You Tube and on others similar sites.
This four sceneries are prologues respectively ( in order ) of the book “ Infanzia svelata”, of “Nuovo Umanesimo”, of “Appendice al nuovo umanesimo” and of “ Morale di Sartre”.
As soon as possible I shall put online sceneries on about “ Generazione tradita” and “ Nascita della morale”, two pièces of Theatre- poetry.
Instead of conferences, to these prologues the reading of poems shall follow as e real pièce.
Again, as soon as possible, historical sceneries shall follow as prologues to histories of “Rifiuto dell’eretico” ( six books).
Our purpose is divulgate ever more a cultural subject who is the synthesis of culture of our age and who is the cultural basis for classic secondary schools and humanities Universities.
We have theorized new humanism and Sartre’s moral, we have discovered the new engine of History that is heretic’s refusal after the old interpretation of rationalism.
To end I discover in the generation betrayed the beginning of History of last half century.
I think so for Italy but the bishop of Nebraska discovered that all Countries (at least occidentals) have a generation betrayed. Consequently the rule becomes universal.

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Synthesis of cultural subjects of our age

Hundred fifty thousands hits each year from all over the world of students and teachers of Secondary schools and Universities for three messages on about existence and History supported by eighteen literary and historical, poetic and narrative books with corollaries of photo- books and photo-sceneries, communications and blogs and also a “permanent gallery of art“. Half million of files downloaded during four years.
The three messages are as follows.

- Freedom desperation as sense and engine of individual existence supported by five book as “Nuovo Umanesimo”, “Morale di Sartre”, “Appendice illuminista”, “Traduzione di ‘ Esquisse’ “ and “Infanzia svelata”.
- Heretics refusal (the contrary of “Cartesius’ Cogito”) like sense and engine of History supported by six books of Italian History.
- Generation betrayed as beginning of our age’s History (nobody sees the end) supported by five “pièces” of theatre-poetry and by two narrative works.

We have also an art gallery on about existential surrealism.
This is culture of our age in order to give a basis to new generation.
This is the web-site which divulgates such a culture between students and teachers of more than hundred countries of all the world.

Web-site is:

of Studies Centre New Humanism
Giovanna and Michael Augias

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For a cultural tourism

I always considered cultural tourism like a verification “on the ground” of that one learns historically on the books. This particular tourism should have consequently a good assistance particularly by the Tour operators.
At contrary we ascertain this activity to be in crisis. Particularly Italy, which has more than half of cultural goods of the world, is classified at 28th place, i.e. one of the last.
At contrary the eatable tourism has advantages and privileges.
My try to give a hope to this cultural activity is surely difficult but I receive many solicitations to this purpose from side particularly of students and teachers that would like yearly trips for entire classes of Secondary schools and Universities. I shall put online such requests in order to favour this initiative. To this purpose I note that Russia is Country more advanced in activities of cultural tourism. One opens many possibilities of intellectual works particularly for women (hostess, teachers, a.s.a.) in museums of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
I hope that example of Russia shall be follow by other countries.
To this purpose I‘ll give hospitality on my web-site to all Tour operators that wish to be better known between cultural men. Hundred fifty thousand students and teachers visit each year my web-site and all are interested to this quality of tourism.
Cultural tourism should have in all countries the same power of petrol but wants a politic class of high level.

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On earthquake of L’Aquila and sorroundings (Italy)

“Il faut réduire le hasard au minimum”. So Sartre said in ’40s. It needs to reduce chance at minimum.A civil society, a modern democracy must learn to contain the destructive power of natural calamities, represented by one of four Apocalypse’s riders.Voltaire in “Earthquake of Lisbon” want that man learns to dominate these catastrophical events.Somebody said that earthquakes are, at least approximately, predictables and he risked, like at the time of Holy Inquisition, to be sent in prison.Scientists, those officially in public institutions, declared that earthquakes are not prediclables “in absolute way” forgetting that all absolutes fell to the end of ’800 by crisis of positivism and of scientism. The famous “God is dead for compassion in regard of men” of Nietzsche.A scientist out of institutions declared not impossible to predict earthquakes.Today in Japan there are earthquakes without deads and not all buildings fall in ruins. And it is not a question of miracles.Anti-sismic organization and technologies offer means for containing dangers of calamities.The most important matter is don’t be absolutes in negative sense.

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Photographic essay and scenery’s birth

The 30s named cinema as seventh art. Now industrial movies have largely reduced the space of quality’s cinema. The same thing happened for literature. The “best-seller”, heir, for very poor readers, of French “feuilleton” and of Italian “romanzo d’appendice” has buried the novel of high quality. Today the space of high level is occupied by essay and by poem for theatre-poetry. The remedy to the fall of cinema is represented by photographic essays and sceneries, one for literature, philosophy, history a.o.a., the other for theatre-poetry. Legends in at least three languages help divulgation. Public will be obviously less large but works are addressed to secondary schools and universities in order to develop the progress of humanity. On the contrary, ignorance shall have the domination of the world.

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CONTRO Ugo Ciappina’s story robber and martyr

Some American and South-african universities has discovered, with my great surprise, one of my book which was published forty years ago in Milan, that is in 1968. Not only, but they have also succeeded, I don’t know how, in coming in possession of one copy, they have reprinted it and, even though it is in Italian, they have placed it at students’ disposal in their libraries and also in the two biggest libraries in America, the civic one in New York and that of American Congress in Washington. The universities which have discovered my book and have reprinted it are: - Brown University of Providence (Rode Island) - Princeton University of Princeton, N.J. (New Jersey) – University of South Africa (UNISA) of Pretoria At the same time, the University of Michigan has discovered another book, not mine, but which mentioned me and published in Milan back in 1982. This book, whose title is “Nel nome di Matteotti”, talked about the Italian Resistance and especially about Brigate Matteotti, and I was mentioned as one of vice-commandants. Also this book was reprinted and placed at students’ disposal in the university’s library. The fact that in America attention is paid to Italian books which aren’t in English doesn’t surprise me as from my Website my books are downloaded in America and in Italy in equal quantity. My reflections is that America want to gain the primacy in the divulgation of culture all over the world, which in the past was primacy of Europe and, especially of France. But, in my modest opinion, Europe has sat and America has started to gallop overcoming the obstacles of time and language. It remains to decipher the cultural interest that has lead to the discovery of these books but especially how they have succeeded in getting their material availability. A possible explanation could be reserved to the book about Brigate Matteotti. The University of Michigan was evidently interested in the Italian Resistance and in the world catalogue it has found different books among with that about “Matteotti”. It’s obscure how they found my book also gaining the availability, besides the evident appreciation received after almost half of a century for the fact that it has been reprinted and made available in libraries. At this point, I must specify that the book narrates a real but extraordinary story and that the history of the book is also extraordinary. If a film had to be made, it would tell two stories at the same time, the story of the book and the story narrated by the book. It is worth reminding briefly the vicissitudes of this book. The title of my book is “Contro” and, in origin, the manuscript had a subtitle: “Ugo Ciappina’s history, robber and martyr”. The book narrates the story of the robbery in via Osoppo which, at that time, was counted among the biggest robberies of the century. The event occurred at the beginning of 1958. The authors were immediately identified and arrested. The process took place in the autumn of the same year. I was drawn as juryman. This is the way how I learnt about the event and, when the process ended, I decided to narrate it. But the President of Trial, whose name was Gustavo, suspecting my intentions, opposed it immediately. In front of the manuscript he pretended to read and correct it. He was seriously worried. According to me he was even frightened. The fact that the author or, as they said, the “brain” of robbery (that is Ugo Ciappina) used the Milanese “Mala” (obviously without declaring it) to carry out his personal revolt and, at that time, political revenge against the catholic-communist regime which dominated Italy after 18 April 1948. Ciappina was in Resitance, he was tortured in San Vittore by Germans, he lost his job because, as a member of national commission as Socialist of the Resistance, he was disliked by maters, Catholics and communists. Being on the rocks he fell a prey to a false revolutionary who was an infiltrator, first on behalf of Germans and then of Catholics.communists of regime. When he discovered the deceit, he noticed that the regime brought the infiltrator to safety abroad and at the same time it kept on at him. In this way Ciappina found himself alone in the “Mala” to plan his revolt and his revenge. In practice he planned assault to sky. At this point I need to specify the situation of the “Mala”. By tradition, it had its code which it respected, a pact, always existed, of a certain tolerance between the “Mala” and police forces. But there were some limits and when they were overcome, the State intervened hard. The type of robbery and the intentions of his author largely overcame these limits and this would have menaced the existence itself of the “Mala”. The important person of the “Mala”, called the “professor”, had guessed Ciappina’s intentions and he fought till pang in order to avoid the robbery. He thought that it as the end of everything. When he understood that everything was useless, he found a way to be arrested and he hanged himself in prison. So even President Gustavo didn’t want that Ciappina’s motivations appeared in the book. The robbery had to be only robbery and there hadn’t to be any political motivation. Regime press was at Public Prosecutor’s beck and call and Ciappina’s evidence was completely ignored. President Gustavo was really frightened, his career was implied and he wanted at all costs to stop the appearance of this truth in a book. He continually obsessed me to read and correct my manuscript. The historical background, from which the event originated, was completely deleted, names had to be invented and the event had to be declared as imaginary. Ugo Ciappina became Guido Festa, via Osoppo became via dei Pardi and the same happened for all the characters. This incessant wavering lasts about 10 years. At the same time the fear, clearly declared, got publishers out of the way. Till when, in 1968, an unexpected event happened. A dishonest publisher who, as many others, was in possess of my manuscript, had translated it and adapted it to theatrical performance, obviously without political implications. When I learnt about this, I called a lawyer who stopped this matter and who, at the same time, in order to avoid further possible complications, indicated me to a little brave publisher who published my book. Obviously President Gustavo worried and after some months, two plainclothes police officers honoured me with a visit. Initially, they were agitated but when I reassured them that without advertising and with little organisation I had reached more or less the 14 Manzoni’s readers, they became quiet and wanted to reassure, with my telephone, the President who evidently was waiting anxiously. In this way the adventure of this book ended. In this way till now. Because it still continues, after forty years, in America and South-Africa. At this point, I would like that libraries add to the reprinted book this blog and the historical background I put online (Communication n.10) some years ago and that has been already downloaded in the dozen of thousand of copies all over the world. Also because at the beginning the historical background was integral part of my manuscript.

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“In the name of Matteotti” and University of Michigan

At the same time that some universities of America and of South-Africa discovered one of my books, i.e. “Contro”, published in Milan in 1968, the University of Michigan discovered a book on “Brigades Matteotti” of italian Resistence which cited my name as one of vice-commandants. This university had in hand a copy, reprinted it and put it in its library available for students and teachers. Now I am one of few survivors of the Brigade s Matteotti and consequently I can give again a testimony on history of this glorious brigades. My Communication n.10, downloaded all over the world, from my website by dozens of thousands copies, makes an historic revision of italian after-war. In such a revision I narrate the disintegration of socialist party produced, Nenni accomplice, by catholics and communists which after 18 April 1948, gave origin to catholic-communist régime. In such a process of disintegration the “matteottini” were the most hit because in the name of the martyr were the real socialists as English, Swedish and socialists of North-Europe. The most part of socialists became either filo-catholic or filo-communist. The real socialists, as “matteottini”, were persecuted in any way. Also the founder and general commandant of Brigades Corrado Bonfantini from Novara was persecuted. He was hit also in his family. The party of Nenni became real property of communist party. At the beginning of 70s De Martino and Mancini hired Martuscelli, a magistrate in temporary retirement, as judge of socialist party in order to expel, also without any reason, all the “matteottini”. In exchange, the two secretaries promised Martuscelli the voting station for the Senate. When the promise was not maintained, Martuscelli, deceived, disclosed the matter on all newspapers including the “Corriere della Sera” which still maintains in archive all documentation. It is sufficient to demand it. I agree to thank the Michigan University for having remembered us. It will be useful to enclose my blog to the book. Only for historical truth.

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Atlantic Europe

Paraphrasing conclusion of “Nadja” of Breton ( “Beauty shall be convulsive or shall not be”) we can to say that Europe shall be atlantic or not shall be. Practically, in the actual situation, the sole Europe of today is UK with States and parties which follow it in its atlantic policy at the point to consider english-american the american Empire. Continental Europe which could have a noble point of departure like reconciliation franco-german , at contrary it is inactive. During celebration of fiftieth anniversary of Pacts of Rome it was lacking only Requiem Mass of Verdi. At contrary of what one says , it don’t exist no union either monetary or mercantile. each Country has a buy-power different from that of other Countries . The ratio dollar-euro is eccentric. Dollar quotes 30% less than Euro but its buy- power in America is three times higher than Euro. All economists are silent. Requiem Mass also for them. It is vain to speak of health, pensions, schools etc… Sarkozy promised atlantic policy. After that it is possible harmonize the different interior policies. Atlantic policy should be an act of wisdom. It needs don’t forget that from 11 Sept. 2001 we are living a new worldly war , more insidious and difficult than those previous. What Europe could do without american cover?

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Liberals and socialists vanished also historically

In the italian politic kaleidoscope the numerous parties busy themselves in interminable discussions to the purpose of building at least a pair of parties , one to right and one to left , which can fight in a electoral ground. v It is a fact that , vanished in Italy politically and historically either liberals or socialists , which are political structure of Europe, Italian situation presents at right historical catholic-fascism of mussolinian memory and at left historical catholic-communism of phlegmatic and always alive Andreotti. In fact it is impossible to find in Italy socialists like Turati and Matteotti, liberals like Croce, Giolitti and Gobetti. Only italian eccentricities are alive. We can add a thing , also this particularly italian. During 1979 ( see “New Humanism”) we anticipated a political upsetting in Europe ( as a matter of fact there was the fall of wall) and, for Italy, a kind of saprophitism of political class, i.e. a slow decay of survivors in act also today. It shall be necessary, consequently, to await the conclusion of process of decomposition.

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Paradox in Vatican

An obsessive bawling against about one million of couples, an absolute silence for one billion of believers offended in their faith.
A great bawling , incessant and obsessive, against legalization of about one million of gay couples. At the same time an absolute silence in regard of blasphemous use , for sake of gain, of the Christ, use which offends sensibility of about one milliard of christians and also the common sense of laimen who , in respect of their freedom’s moral , worry about dignity of christians. This is the superiority of classic moral in comparison of religious morals. Obsessive bawling and absolute silence of Church of Rome : a paradox who should be absurd if not expressed from Vatican .The Pope and his prelates know what they do and particularly what they say. The obsessive bawling is referred to the origins of humanity that must remain immutables also when danger is minimum and at beginning. Absolute silence is referred to an attack against a sixth of humanity that Church can well control due to the fact that purpose of blasphemous men is only money. Also italian imitators are ignored because considered admirers of golden calf and not divulgers of humanism. As a matter of fact ancient Arians , who wanted humanize the Christ, had a strong opposition also from side of Costantin (see Concile of Nicee) but resisted up to Attila and longer. For the Church at origin of humanity there is not person but family. Anibody is opposed to this principle, also if minority, must be fighted and possibly destroyed without pity. Also if the Church is conscious that pathriarcal family , lasted about three thousand years, is now dead, the Church is also conscious that family of couple is failed immediately , is born dead. The Church is conscious of that but it has no alternatives. It don’t know what to invent. In any case it can’t accept a family who can’t procreate. It should be negation of future, not only of humanity, but of Church itself. It is better to tolerate illicit trade of symbols of love and of grief that Church is always able to control. Consequently war without pity against Pasolini who sees the grief in Virgin Mary at the foot of Cross, but paraded indifference in regard of Mel Gibson , Dan Brown and of their italian imitators. Such men are not against a procreating family of a perhaps degraded humanity. At contrary such a humanity also better should be object of a purpose of life for the Church.?

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Usque tandem Catilina?

Usque tandem Catilina? Where Cicero is represented by America and Catilina by little and confusing Italy.
On about Italy in Liban we have spoken in the blog on Sarkozy. Two thousand and five hundred boys armed only of guns between terrorists armed of rockets. In such a case irresponsability isn’t only of italian Parliament but also of UNO and of Europe. And for Europe we have in mind continental Europe, practically France that, in fact, hasn’t a foreign policy. It is consequently what we hope in Sarkozy’s policy.
We find an analogy in Afghanistan where two thousand italian soldiers don’t hold suitable arms to face a possible taleban attack. And here irresponsability is totally italian. In fact it is recriminated by americans themselves.
But the paradoxal fact is happened in Somalie. Ethiopians and Americans destroy terroristic bands hired by Al Kaeeda . We shall say in other blog duties of Italy in regard of this Country. Well, instead of thanking, italian authorities damn liberators. Such a paradox has only one explanation: the anti-american sentiment of good part of italian politic class. It is an anti-american sentiment which, leaving from the now prehistoric soviet sentiment, that don’t want to be recognized like prehistoric, has consequently reached the beginning of insanity.
Usque tandem Catilina?

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Sarkozy for an euro-american symbiosis

I too,sartrian, if Chirac permit I vote in France, I would vote Sarkozy like André Gluksman and Bernard Henri Levy.they too, if I well remember, very near to Sartre. As a matter of fact Sarkozy has explained a foreign policy while Ségolène Royal haven’t nothing of it. Sarkozy is proclaiming he want place himself near Anglo-Americans, surely not in subordinate position but for cooperating to the war against terrorism also where there are wars forgotten. It is what America has always asked to Europe. If Sarkozy will keep his promise, there are good probabilities that politic Europe could birth do to only foreign policy can realize such a miracle. The dialogue’s policy is a non-policy, a total absence of policy. It is the apotheosis of absurd. Dialogue with who ? With terrorists ? War isn’t between Liban and Israel but between terrorist Hezbollah and Israel. Absurdity of libanese situation is evident. The army without arms of Italians at mercy of terrorists reveals irresponsability of UNO, of Europe and of Italian Parliament. We help consequently Sarkozy hoping he don’t change his word. Continental Europe, which has the basis on the reconciliation ,like Chirac said, between France and Germany, point of departure surely noble, should have a future near Europe of Nord who follows England. It should be the Europe’s birth.

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Iranian affair and mass–media like praise of barbarity

After the death (I think so) of Bin Laden,the allucinated eyes of fanatic iranian leader are become the reference’s point of the numerous organizations of terrorism. Such organizations are completely independents, never connected between them for safety’s reasons. The most responsable of fame of such a leader are the occidental, particularly italian, mass-media who cover lies and iranian insanities.

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You must save little Mary!

Little Mary is a world affair:
a challenge of barbarity between Bielorussie and Italy.
You must save little Mary!

In Bielorussie a little girl named Mary, ten years old, was tortured and violated in a State orphanage. Succeeded to save herself in Italy, italian “carabinieri” arrested with a blitz the little girl consigning her to her torturers in Bielorussie. This are the facts, i.e. a challenge of barbarity between Bielorussie and Italy.
Now what tribunal shall have to judge such a crime against humanity?
Russie, egemonic power in its Region, has covered Bielorussie. Europe, leader in regards of Italy, don’t exist and no european State, in name or not of Europe, has declared his judgement. UNO has clearly expressed its judgement giving a seat to Italy in the Security Council. Security of who?
Of little Mary, now in the hands of her torturers and consequently in danger of life for fault of Italy?
It remains only to confide to sweet heart of Condoleezza Rice who, as representative of the greatest world power can ask to an international tribunal to order Bielorussie to free immediately the little girl transfering her in a neutral Country (as Switzerland) and incriminates bielorussien and italian authorities for crimes against human rights.
Little Mary is a world affair because crimes against humanity are a world affair.

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Three poetic passages and new writing of our age’s history

Three historical passages of italian poëtry disclose the sense of our age:
“Il dolore” of Ungaretti closes first half of century
“Le ceneri di Gramsci”, with many doubts, open second half which
“La generazione tradita” concludes giving face to hope.

Each Country shall find analogies in its own literature.

Click for communications n.10 and n.11

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From Palestine to Syrie

The problem of Middle East has moved from Palestine to Syrie.
The Palestiniens have a Country, a Parliament. They are free to live in peace. If they prefer the terrorism of Hamas, they become an affair of public order. A news item. The world has anymore ideal interest for them. They have tired all. Syrie, at contrary, after having withdrawn from Lebanon its occupying troops, has maintained its influence over this Contry making a “trait-d’union” between Iran and the esbollah for the delivery of arms to such terrorists. But Teheran has surpassed the sign giving order to esbollah to provoke war against Israel. The result is Lebanon full of ruins. War finished for interposition of UNO, also if confusedly, Syrie is now between the pressure of Condoleezza Rice, who want push it near moderate arabe countries, and the pressure of Teheran who is afraid to rest isolated. Consequently Syrie must decide. And it needs it decide in a hurry. In any case it not difficult to anticipate that world shall have to renounce, at least for about ten years, to iranian petrol.

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In Lebanon esbollah from who shall be disarmed?

Lebanon shall give a reply to politic of dialogue with Iran against politic of strong and hard reply to terrorism. Iran, it is known, don’t want dialoguer but, at contrary, it spends how much it gains by petrol in order to aid talebans in Afghanistan, civil war in Iraq, esbollah in Lebanon, and all terrorist groups over the entire world, instead to aid its own people.
The most important matter is that risk for soldiers must be well calculated.
At contrary Lebanon should be a trap.
France, who invented theory of dialogue, has limited at minimum number of it soldiers and has renounced at the general command.
Russie and China have found such a idea very satisfactory because alternative to America. But they have reduced at minimum their military participation. These are the facts. We await the reply from Lebanon.

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