Buildings and quarters

The buildings must be settled following rules regarding:
- antiseismic exigency
- energy saving
- use of new energy sources (solar panels a.s.a)
- the “buildings” named “popular” must be cancelled also into dictionary.
The same building, anywhere it is, can contain either luxury or economic abitations.

Banks and similar institutes must be located at first floor (like in St. Germain). The ground floor must be reserved to “lumières” of shops and public services.
Like in historic centres, in each quarter must b e locate a great square with theatre, auditorium and premises. In other words, quarters must be equipped as historic centre, must be settled like real towns inside of a great metropolis.
Los Angeles offers an example. As I said elsewhere, connections between quarters must be easy in order to favour cultural exchange and of services. “Ça va sans dire” that the green can’t have limits.
One can conclude that a town as explained in my blogs, Can easy guarantee security of citizens because offers crucial spots with capacity of large control.

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