Iranian crisis

A solution, usually realized by dictatorships, is a bloody repression. So it happened in Budapest and Prague at the time of Sovietic Union and in Tienamen square in China. But such States were rocks and a foreign help put in danger worldly peace.
Today Iran is an isolated State. Other than some little State of no importance, it has no allieds. As a matter of fact it is a terrorist State allied only with terrorist organisations.
Repression is possible but it would be a trial of “bètise” that not guarantees in the long run régime’s duration.
The imposing dimension of popular demonstrations suggests to think that56 there is a crack also at the top of power. Arrogance of Kameney and of his “Gauleiter” aren’t a danger only for peace of world, but also for Iran itself.
It is possible that such a danger is under the eyes of committees which control Country’s policy. There is a force faithful to actual leadership. But there is also a national army which could favour the moderate part of power.
Wisdom suggest that two parts find a point of balance.
The risk is not only the civil war, but the possibility of a serious danger in the entire middle-east region.

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