Like Vicar of Seprio

Since about sixty years italian press and television interest themselves to Ugo Ciappina simulating to unknow politic reasons of his robberies. Not for chance we called him “robber and martyr”.
This obstinacy of italian press and televisions remembers the Vicar of Seprio who, after five centuries, made to respect order, during 1286, of Ottone Visconti don’t permit to build and to reside in Castelseprio.
And such a matter up to Napoleon who gave order to one of his sergents to provide.
This sergent, reached the Vicar into “Broletto” of Gallarate, made him shoot on the place without any explication.
Because none explication must be done to humanity’s enemies.
Italian press and television are not afraid not even of funny side.
Yet several American and South African Universities and Libraries discovered and reprinted out book “Contro” (i.e. history of Ugo Ciappina) in order to be available for students and teachers of all the world.
Yet, again, Pietro Valpreda, another martyr of our History, suggested, when he was alive, our book to several newspapers.
Such a book is now online and is downloaded regularly.

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