Ideology of our age – Augias comment

The ideology of our age ,expressed by new humanism and that is perfectly suitable to global world, is only one.
The positivist world produced principally two ideologies that, one against the other, were the basis of historical dialectic: liberal and socialist ideologies.
Our global world verified that liberalism without rules was savage and denied itself, i.e. was a liberalism without freedom. It verified also that socialism, what produced social progress, results now not sufficient. It is a matter of fact.
Social conquests and structural interventions of the State stay embalmed, unusables, if they are not accompanied by those infinite individual initiatives that progress of technologies produced in a society now not only agricultural and industrial, but principally of services.
Technologies reduced agricultural and industrial wor4kers and created an infinite number of new jobs.
The liberal-socialism so results to be the sole ideology suitable with new humanism, with our age, with global world.
What, consequently, could be opposed to this ideology due to History’s basis is a dialectic that repeat itself without end?
Opposition is represented by negation of this ideology, that Sartre called alienation of freedom. And there will be many negations because “il y a les hommes sauvès et les hommes de l’Enfer”. And “les homes de l’Enfer”, that don’t accept freedom and justice but want only privileges and power, always will exist because their arrogance is part of their nature.
The real historical conflict is a moral conflict because Moral,Sartre said, is interdependent with History.
In any case , in the long run, , arrogance always shall be beaten.

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