For a cultural tourism

I always considered cultural tourism like a verification “on the ground” of that one learns historically on the books. This particular tourism should have consequently a good assistance particularly by the Tour operators.
At contrary we ascertain this activity to be in crisis. Particularly Italy, which has more than half of cultural goods of the world, is classified at 28th place, i.e. one of the last.
At contrary the eatable tourism has advantages and privileges.
My try to give a hope to this cultural activity is surely difficult but I receive many solicitations to this purpose from side particularly of students and teachers that would like yearly trips for entire classes of Secondary schools and Universities. I shall put online such requests in order to favour this initiative. To this purpose I note that Russia is Country more advanced in activities of cultural tourism. One opens many possibilities of intellectual works particularly for women (hostess, teachers, a.s.a.) in museums of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
I hope that example of Russia shall be follow by other countries.
To this purpose I‘ll give hospitality on my web-site to all Tour operators that wish to be better known between cultural men. Hundred fifty thousand students and teachers visit each year my web-site and all are interested to this quality of tourism.
Cultural tourism should have in all countries the same power of petrol but wants a politic class of high level.

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