On earthquake of L’Aquila and sorroundings (Italy)

“Il faut réduire le hasard au minimum”. So Sartre said in ’40s. It needs to reduce chance at minimum.A civil society, a modern democracy must learn to contain the destructive power of natural calamities, represented by one of four Apocalypse’s riders.Voltaire in “Earthquake of Lisbon” want that man learns to dominate these catastrophical events.Somebody said that earthquakes are, at least approximately, predictables and he risked, like at the time of Holy Inquisition, to be sent in prison.Scientists, those officially in public institutions, declared that earthquakes are not prediclables “in absolute way” forgetting that all absolutes fell to the end of ’800 by crisis of positivism and of scientism. The famous “God is dead for compassion in regard of men” of Nietzsche.A scientist out of institutions declared not impossible to predict earthquakes.Today in Japan there are earthquakes without deads and not all buildings fall in ruins. And it is not a question of miracles.Anti-sismic organization and technologies offer means for containing dangers of calamities.The most important matter is don’t be absolutes in negative sense.

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