Synthesis of cultural subjects of our age

Hundred fifty thousands hits each year from all over the world of students and teachers of Secondary schools and Universities for three messages on about existence and History supported by eighteen literary and historical, poetic and narrative books with corollaries of photo- books and photo-sceneries, communications and blogs and also a “permanent gallery of art“. Half million of files downloaded during four years.
The three messages are as follows.

- Freedom desperation as sense and engine of individual existence supported by five book as “Nuovo Umanesimo”, “Morale di Sartre”, “Appendice illuminista”, “Traduzione di ‘ Esquisse’ “ and “Infanzia svelata”.
- Heretics refusal (the contrary of “Cartesius’ Cogito”) like sense and engine of History supported by six books of Italian History.
- Generation betrayed as beginning of our age’s History (nobody sees the end) supported by five “pièces” of theatre-poetry and by two narrative works.

We have also an art gallery on about existential surrealism.
This is culture of our age in order to give a basis to new generation.
This is the web-site which divulgates such a culture between students and teachers of more than hundred countries of all the world.

Web-site is:

of Studies Centre New Humanism
Giovanna and Michael Augias

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