Photo-sceneries for students, teachers and cultural men

We are making photo-sceneries as prologues for conferences on about my books to students, teachers and cultural men.
The first four sceneries are already online and can be screened on You Tube and on others similar sites.
This four sceneries are prologues respectively ( in order ) of the book “ Infanzia svelata”, of “Nuovo Umanesimo”, of “Appendice al nuovo umanesimo” and of “ Morale di Sartre”.
As soon as possible I shall put online sceneries on about “ Generazione tradita” and “ Nascita della morale”, two pièces of Theatre- poetry.
Instead of conferences, to these prologues the reading of poems shall follow as e real pièce.
Again, as soon as possible, historical sceneries shall follow as prologues to histories of “Rifiuto dell’eretico” ( six books).
Our purpose is divulgate ever more a cultural subject who is the synthesis of culture of our age and who is the cultural basis for classic secondary schools and humanities Universities.
We have theorized new humanism and Sartre’s moral, we have discovered the new engine of History that is heretic’s refusal after the old interpretation of rationalism.
To end I discover in the generation betrayed the beginning of History of last half century.
I think so for Italy but the bishop of Nebraska discovered that all Countries (at least occidentals) have a generation betrayed. Consequently the rule becomes universal.

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