“Eluana affair”

The problem is not life or death of Eluana. The problem is the freedom.
Only Eluana can chose to live or to die.
If somebody out, God or State, decide in her place, he should violate the most sacred of human rights, i.e. he should individual freedom of Eluana. In absence of a wrote declaration of Eluana, nobody can nothing decide.
Only Science could decide if it his able to have a scientiphic truth due to the fact that “Eluana is in a vegetative state for 17 years.
At this point there is a declaration of father on about the will of Eluana when she was alive.
True or false, decision is entrusted to Magistrature.
Various orders of judgement, besides that of supreme European Court of human rights, decide that declaration is true. Consequently the choice attributed to Eluana, i.e. her freedom, must be respected.
Discourse can to end here. Also life and death must be always reflected in the freedom.
Without freedom, life and death don’t have any sense.

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