Three million of out of work, while there is sure work for fifty years

During the time of industrial army employer was only interlocutor of workers, usually in conflicts with these. Class struggle at the shadow of two opposite ideologies: socialism and liberalism.
Technological revolution of our age, not only still alive but with unexpected developments, transformed and keeps transforming the old social order. Industrials hosts don’t exist anymore and surviving battalions are much reduced. It is the birth of various forms of independent word or of little groups. Big companies of transports and of energy shall be obliged at forms of cooperation up to inevitably forms of association.
The State, as only responsible of work program and only financer of economic structures of base, shall be interlocutor of these new worker.
Inside this programs there will be surely the private initiative. Socialism and liberalism shall laws their connotation of the nineteenth century. Not only they shall not in conflict but at contrary they shall be interdependent like History and Moral in the new new humanistic culture. Liberal-socialism becomes as a matter of fact, the ideology of our age without contraposition of another ideology. The real obliged opposition shall be tax evasion, corruption, organised crime, terrorism, religious and racist fanaticism and also nationalism and local nationalism today not only absurd but ridiculous in the global war.
Before to enter in all such problems, I can advance that Italy has three million of out of work but, at the same time, it could have fifty years of sure work and also money to finance.
To this purpose several blogs shall follow.

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