Full employment like base of economy

News bulletins of Switzerland communicated that this Country ,sole case in the world, realized near full employment . Consequently it can to begin the talk on economy that, as a matter of fact, can begin only from full employment. Without full employment a talk on economy cannot have a sense.
In the past time capitalism controlled the unemployment in order to maintain low the wages. Today this behaviour should be criminal. Consequently full employment isn’t only an economic fact but also a moral fact. In fact new technologies increased needs of goods and services at point that it is possible work, as already said, for at least fifty years. Also funds would be guaranteed. Please think to fiscal shield and to washes of public administrations. Some time ego local administrations were gratis because title of prestige like at the time of Greeks and Romans. Today there is a rush for the salary from side of men idlers that have neither art nor part. Trial is degradation of villages and towns.
Level of unemployment is now a real crime against humanity and a serious Parliament should legislate.

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