Lib-lab and third industrial revolution

We spoke on about Lib-Lab as ideology of our age and on about third industrial revolution as sole and inevitable structural reform of our economy.
Now we must constate that Lib-Lab is the sole basis od third industrial revolution. Without such a ideology, this revolution would be not possible. Ideology and revolution are the beginning of a new way of life for entire humanity.
Consequently oppositions are and shall be strong and it shall be necessary a democratic army similar to that of Kemal Ataturk.
Real opposition to lib-lab and to industrial revolution are corruption and all powers often not visible that they create. To all levels, particularly to that hight.
It is not a case that I spoke of multinational States as the atlantic empire by anglo american leader of mediterranean Europe by french leader.
Other asiatic countries shall follow as well as Inde and China in their own interest.

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