New structure and natural catastrophe

It needs a new structure of towns and country. Totally in Italy , a good part in Europe. Before all a geologic study. In order to face or avoid seismic and volcanic zones and coast as target of sea-quakes and hurricanes.
It needs understand that natural catastrophes became always with the same frequency and intensity. They aren’t an embitterment of our days. One of Apocalypse’s riders represented destructive powers of Nature.
It needs also understand that such great natural movements are signs of vitality of our Planet that, being alive, it can offer hospitality to humanity. At contrary our Planet should be a desert without guests like Moon, Venus and Mars.
The new structure lies in facing these problems and also in avoiding ambient dangers that we know. Examples of new structure already exist in various Countries. It needs only to copy them.
To this purpose other blogs shall follow. However some blogs have been already published and they are still topical and valid.

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