The third industrial revolution

It is already under way, also if timidly, some years ego and it is founded on four structural fields of worldly economy.
1- Electric transport on rail and on water of every kind. Air transport is useful over thousand miles.
2- Alternates energies, solar and Aeolian. I have always some doubt on about the nuclear. Ecologic calamity caused by petrol says clearly that human error, frivolity and indifference are inevitable. A nuclear catastrophe should be again more terrifying.
3- Communications online shall change the world. All peoples shall be able to communicate and each single man shall be able to receive communications “on demand”.
4- Agriculture only shall be able to resolve problems of third world : Africa,, Latin America, Asia. America and France , two Countries very advanced in agriculture, shall have to present and to lead the big projects.
Manufacture cannot be structural , but it shall be useful like corollary .
Projects shall be necessary very big and consequently multinationals with mixed capitals public and private.

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