Atlantic Europe

Paraphrasing conclusion of “Nadja” of Breton ( “Beauty shall be convulsive or shall not be”) we can to say that Europe shall be atlantic or not shall be. Practically, in the actual situation, the sole Europe of today is UK with States and parties which follow it in its atlantic policy at the point to consider english-american the american Empire. Continental Europe which could have a noble point of departure like reconciliation franco-german , at contrary it is inactive. During celebration of fiftieth anniversary of Pacts of Rome it was lacking only Requiem Mass of Verdi. At contrary of what one says , it don’t exist no union either monetary or mercantile. each Country has a buy-power different from that of other Countries . The ratio dollar-euro is eccentric. Dollar quotes 30% less than Euro but its buy- power in America is three times higher than Euro. All economists are silent. Requiem Mass also for them. It is vain to speak of health, pensions, schools etc… Sarkozy promised atlantic policy. After that it is possible harmonize the different interior policies. Atlantic policy should be an act of wisdom. It needs don’t forget that from 11 Sept. 2001 we are living a new worldly war , more insidious and difficult than those previous. What Europe could do without american cover?

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