Liberals and socialists vanished also historically

In the italian politic kaleidoscope the numerous parties busy themselves in interminable discussions to the purpose of building at least a pair of parties , one to right and one to left , which can fight in a electoral ground. v It is a fact that , vanished in Italy politically and historically either liberals or socialists , which are political structure of Europe, Italian situation presents at right historical catholic-fascism of mussolinian memory and at left historical catholic-communism of phlegmatic and always alive Andreotti. In fact it is impossible to find in Italy socialists like Turati and Matteotti, liberals like Croce, Giolitti and Gobetti. Only italian eccentricities are alive. We can add a thing , also this particularly italian. During 1979 ( see “New Humanism”) we anticipated a political upsetting in Europe ( as a matter of fact there was the fall of wall) and, for Italy, a kind of saprophitism of political class, i.e. a slow decay of survivors in act also today. It shall be necessary, consequently, to await the conclusion of process of decomposition.

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