Paradox in Vatican

An obsessive bawling against about one million of couples, an absolute silence for one billion of believers offended in their faith.
A great bawling , incessant and obsessive, against legalization of about one million of gay couples. At the same time an absolute silence in regard of blasphemous use , for sake of gain, of the Christ, use which offends sensibility of about one milliard of christians and also the common sense of laimen who , in respect of their freedom’s moral , worry about dignity of christians. This is the superiority of classic moral in comparison of religious morals. Obsessive bawling and absolute silence of Church of Rome : a paradox who should be absurd if not expressed from Vatican .The Pope and his prelates know what they do and particularly what they say. The obsessive bawling is referred to the origins of humanity that must remain immutables also when danger is minimum and at beginning. Absolute silence is referred to an attack against a sixth of humanity that Church can well control due to the fact that purpose of blasphemous men is only money. Also italian imitators are ignored because considered admirers of golden calf and not divulgers of humanism. As a matter of fact ancient Arians , who wanted humanize the Christ, had a strong opposition also from side of Costantin (see Concile of Nicee) but resisted up to Attila and longer. For the Church at origin of humanity there is not person but family. Anibody is opposed to this principle, also if minority, must be fighted and possibly destroyed without pity. Also if the Church is conscious that pathriarcal family , lasted about three thousand years, is now dead, the Church is also conscious that family of couple is failed immediately , is born dead. The Church is conscious of that but it has no alternatives. It don’t know what to invent. In any case it can’t accept a family who can’t procreate. It should be negation of future, not only of humanity, but of Church itself. It is better to tolerate illicit trade of symbols of love and of grief that Church is always able to control. Consequently war without pity against Pasolini who sees the grief in Virgin Mary at the foot of Cross, but paraded indifference in regard of Mel Gibson , Dan Brown and of their italian imitators. Such men are not against a procreating family of a perhaps degraded humanity. At contrary such a humanity also better should be object of a purpose of life for the Church.?

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