Usque tandem Catilina?

Usque tandem Catilina? Where Cicero is represented by America and Catilina by little and confusing Italy.
On about Italy in Liban we have spoken in the blog on Sarkozy. Two thousand and five hundred boys armed only of guns between terrorists armed of rockets. In such a case irresponsability isn’t only of italian Parliament but also of UNO and of Europe. And for Europe we have in mind continental Europe, practically France that, in fact, hasn’t a foreign policy. It is consequently what we hope in Sarkozy’s policy.
We find an analogy in Afghanistan where two thousand italian soldiers don’t hold suitable arms to face a possible taleban attack. And here irresponsability is totally italian. In fact it is recriminated by americans themselves.
But the paradoxal fact is happened in Somalie. Ethiopians and Americans destroy terroristic bands hired by Al Kaeeda . We shall say in other blog duties of Italy in regard of this Country. Well, instead of thanking, italian authorities damn liberators. Such a paradox has only one explanation: the anti-american sentiment of good part of italian politic class. It is an anti-american sentiment which, leaving from the now prehistoric soviet sentiment, that don’t want to be recognized like prehistoric, has consequently reached the beginning of insanity.
Usque tandem Catilina?

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