Sarkozy for an euro-american symbiosis

I too,sartrian, if Chirac permit I vote in France, I would vote Sarkozy like André Gluksman and Bernard Henri Levy.they too, if I well remember, very near to Sartre. As a matter of fact Sarkozy has explained a foreign policy while Ségolène Royal haven’t nothing of it. Sarkozy is proclaiming he want place himself near Anglo-Americans, surely not in subordinate position but for cooperating to the war against terrorism also where there are wars forgotten. It is what America has always asked to Europe. If Sarkozy will keep his promise, there are good probabilities that politic Europe could birth do to only foreign policy can realize such a miracle. The dialogue’s policy is a non-policy, a total absence of policy. It is the apotheosis of absurd. Dialogue with who ? With terrorists ? War isn’t between Liban and Israel but between terrorist Hezbollah and Israel. Absurdity of libanese situation is evident. The army without arms of Italians at mercy of terrorists reveals irresponsability of UNO, of Europe and of Italian Parliament. We help consequently Sarkozy hoping he don’t change his word. Continental Europe, which has the basis on the reconciliation ,like Chirac said, between France and Germany, point of departure surely noble, should have a future near Europe of Nord who follows England. It should be the Europe’s birth.

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