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Iranian affair and mass–media like praise of barbarity

After the death (I think so) of Bin Laden, the allucinated eyes of fanatic iranian leader are become the reference’s point of the numerous organizations of terrorism. Such organizations are completely independents, never connected between them for safety’s reasons. The obsession of this leader for nuclear searches in anti-american function and his hate against hebrews upto preaching destruction of Israel’s State make of him the nazis prototype of this century, rightful heir of Hitler. He don’t make direct actions of terrorism but, indirectly, he aids all organisations in any side of the world. The most fanatic islamists, also if of differents schools, are with him. Now he substitutes Bin Laden (who I think death). True or wrong what he says,practically he leads a propaganda’s campaign inventing a civilisation’s war against christians. The greatest blame of such invention isen’t of iranian leader. The greatest blame is of those accidental mass-media who show his name and his face on all first pages and on all screens of newpapers and televisions: Practically these mass-media aid the iranian lies and insanities. In Italy it needs to say that great part of our mass-media is anti-american (catholics and communists were associated for fifthy years)always speaking of civilisation’s war without understanding the risk they run too. As a matter of fact there is a basic error, i.e. that there aren’t two civilisations, but one only, our occidental civilisation. It is completely laic. Various chretien religions are part of it, but only part, together with some moderate arabe States who are against terrorism. The islamist religion of terrorists represent only the world of barbarity. Our mass-media are warned. Terrorists, when they hit, don’t make any distinction. How on says, forewarned is forearmed.