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Freedom’s desperates

Monday, February 28th, 2011

I already wrote elsewhere that I called “freedom’s desperates” the characters who distinguish themselves in my literary, historical, poetic and narrative books and others who succeeded to distinguish themselves during my life and whose I was witness.
Sartre speaks of anxiety and also of “nausea” face to unauthenticity . I felt desperation face to freedom lost or that I was to lose it. So I saw and suffered it in others who I met and whose I was witness. This is the sense that I give to freedom. Somebody gives his own. But all meet the same unsuppressible state of mind. Freedom’s sense is over life and death that are nothing without the freedom. Like two riders of Hegel, one beaten and the other winner. “Do you wish to be a live in slavery or to die in freedom?” Usually the bitten man chose to die. But free.

New humanism and Sartre’s moral

Monday, February 28th, 2011

We said that new humanism was, firstly, search o f new values. Fallen all values, man cannot create himself without create new values.
This is the reason of our search edited during ’79.
Also without intention, we introduced in Italy new humanism but, at the same time, we constated that the search wasn’t ended. The temple of Bramante has not dome. Moral conclusion was missing. And here is, some years after, and posthumous, the “cahiers” and the “carnets” by Sartre that declared only freedom was the basis of all values. Each value must speech itself in the freedom. It needs eight years of work and we put online our synthesis during ’90.
Now “new humanism and Sartre’s moral” is the “trade mark” of our website divulgated over all the world by all search-engines and directories also in China and India

New Humanism – After the fall

Monday, February 28th, 2011

There is another aspect of new humanism which was during ’70s, the basis and the beginning of our search.
Fall of man wasn’t only crisis of positivism and of absolute values but, if one enters in the worldly History, was the man’s fall in the transcendence. Consequently new humanism isn’t other than the new ascent of man for reconquering his own humanity.
Such a subject was basis of our thesis of degree, a part of that we have put online with original title “L’infanzia svelata”.

What is new humanism

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Expression was coined during ’46 by Ferdinand Alquié learning that freedom’s man of irrationalist philosophies opposed to reason’s man of classic philosophy obliging Reason to a, surely noble, solitude. But Alquié goes over. Such a rampant irrationalism creates a “new humanism” which “better suitable to culture o our age”.
It is also true that Heidegger declared that irrationalism don’t deny the reason but searches essence of it.
It is also true, however, that Sartre declared that “existence, choice and freedom are synonymous” and that “existentialism is an humanism” where the “humanism” of Sartre has the same sense of “new humanism” of Alquié.
In fact, for Sartre, the man, fallen all values, remained alone and, “condemned to be free”, was he himself obliged to create himself as man and also his new values.
Consequently it is possible to deduce that new humanism is, firstly, search of new values.
Gaëtan Picon was the first populariser of expression coined by Alquié. His book “panorama des idées contemporanées”, edited during ’56, interested Libraries, Secundary schools and Universities.
It was, consequently necessary to do a second edition during ’68.From this moment New Humanism became the culture of our age.

“Eluana affair”

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The problem is not life or death of Eluana. The problem is the freedom.
Only Eluana can chose to live or to die.
If somebody out, God or State, decide in her place, he should violate the most sacred of human rights, i.e. he should individual freedom of Eluana. In absence of a wrote declaration of Eluana, nobody can nothing decide.
Only Science could decide if it his able to have a scientiphic truth due to the fact that “Eluana is in a vegetative state for 17 years.
At this point there is a declaration of father on about the will of Eluana when she was alive.
True or false, decision is entrusted to Magistrature.
Various orders of judgement, besides that of supreme European Court of human rights, decide that declaration is true. Consequently the choice attributed to Eluana, i.e. her freedom, must be respected.
Discourse can to end here. Also life and death must be always reflected in the freedom.
Without freedom, life and death don’t have any sense.

Photo-sceneries for students, teachers and cultural men

Monday, February 28th, 2011

We are making photo-sceneries as prologues for conferences on about my books to students, teachers and cultural men.
The first four sceneries are already online and can be screened on You Tube and on others similar sites.
This four sceneries are prologues respectively ( in order ) of the book “ Infanzia svelata”, of “Nuovo Umanesimo”, of “Appendice al nuovo umanesimo” and of “ Morale di Sartre”.
As soon as possible I shall put online sceneries on about “ Generazione tradita” and “ Nascita della morale”, two pièces of Theatre- poetry.
Instead of conferences, to these prologues the reading of poems shall follow as e real pièce.
Again, as soon as possible, historical sceneries shall follow as prologues to histories of “Rifiuto dell’eretico” ( six books).
Our purpose is divulgate ever more a cultural subject who is the synthesis of culture of our age and who is the cultural basis for classic secondary schools and humanities Universities.
We have theorized new humanism and Sartre’s moral, we have discovered the new engine of History that is heretic’s refusal after the old interpretation of rationalism.
To end I discover in the generation betrayed the beginning of History of last half century.
I think so for Italy but the bishop of Nebraska discovered that all Countries (at least occidentals) have a generation betrayed. Consequently the rule becomes universal.

Synthesis of cultural subjects of our age

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Hundred fifty thousands hits each year from all over the world of students and teachers of Secondary schools and Universities for three messages on about existence and History supported by eighteen literary and historical, poetic and narrative books with corollaries of photo- books and photo-sceneries, communications and blogs and also a “permanent gallery of art“. Half million of files downloaded during four years.
The three messages are as follows.

- Freedom desperation as sense and engine of individual existence supported by five book as “Nuovo Umanesimo”, “Morale di Sartre”, “Appendice illuminista”, “Traduzione di ‘ Esquisse’ “ and “Infanzia svelata”.
- Heretics refusal (the contrary of “Cartesius’ Cogito”) like sense and engine of History supported by six books of Italian History.
- Generation betrayed as beginning of our age’s History (nobody sees the end) supported by five “pièces” of theatre-poetry and by two narrative works.

We have also an art gallery on about existential surrealism.
This is culture of our age in order to give a basis to new generation.
This is the web-site which divulgates such a culture between students and teachers of more than hundred countries of all the world.

Web-site is:

of Studies Centre New Humanism
Giovanna and Michael Augias

For a cultural tourism

Monday, February 28th, 2011

I always considered cultural tourism like a verification “on the ground” of that one learns historically on the books. This particular tourism should have consequently a good assistance particularly by the Tour operators.
At contrary we ascertain this activity to be in crisis. Particularly Italy, which has more than half of cultural goods of the world, is classified at 28th place, i.e. one of the last.
At contrary the eatable tourism has advantages and privileges.
My try to give a hope to this cultural activity is surely difficult but I receive many solicitations to this purpose from side particularly of students and teachers that would like yearly trips for entire classes of Secondary schools and Universities. I shall put online such requests in order to favour this initiative. To this purpose I note that Russia is Country more advanced in activities of cultural tourism. One opens many possibilities of intellectual works particularly for women (hostess, teachers, a.s.a.) in museums of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
I hope that example of Russia shall be follow by other countries.
To this purpose I‘ll give hospitality on my web-site to all Tour operators that wish to be better known between cultural men. Hundred fifty thousand students and teachers visit each year my web-site and all are interested to this quality of tourism.
Cultural tourism should have in all countries the same power of petrol but wants a politic class of high level.

On earthquake of L’Aquila and sorroundings (Italy)

Monday, February 28th, 2011

“Il faut réduire le hasard au minimum”. So Sartre said in ’40s. It needs to reduce chance at minimum.A civil society, a modern democracy must learn to contain the destructive power of natural calamities, represented by one of four Apocalypse’s riders.Voltaire in “Earthquake of Lisbon” want that man learns to dominate these catastrophical events.Somebody said that earthquakes are, at least approximately, predictables and he risked, like at the time of Holy Inquisition, to be sent in prison.Scientists, those officially in public institutions, declared that earthquakes are not prediclables “in absolute way” forgetting that all absolutes fell to the end of ’800 by crisis of positivism and of scientism. The famous “God is dead for compassion in regard of men” of Nietzsche.A scientist out of institutions declared not impossible to predict earthquakes.Today in Japan there are earthquakes without deads and not all buildings fall in ruins. And it is not a question of miracles.Anti-sismic organization and technologies offer means for containing dangers of calamities.The most important matter is don’t be absolutes in negative sense.

Photographic essay and scenery’s birth

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The 30s named cinema as seventh art. Now industrial movies have largely reduced the space of quality’s cinema. The same thing happened for literature. The “best-seller”, heir, for very poor readers, of French “feuilleton” and of Italian “romanzo d’appendice” has buried the novel of high quality. Today the space of high level is occupied by essay and by poem for theatre-poetry. The remedy to the fall of cinema is represented by photographic essays and sceneries, one for literature, philosophy, history a.o.a., the other for theatre-poetry. Legends in at least three languages help divulgation. Public will be obviously less large but works are addressed to secondary schools and universities in order to develop the progress of humanity. On the contrary, ignorance shall have the domination of the world.