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Thermic energy of Venus

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I discovered that some men of science found the way of collecting the warm atmosphere wich turn around Venus and transferring it, by laser beam and microwaves, on our planet where very big dishes receive it creating, by this way, electric centrals. This is not imagination. Such men of science exist really and searches are work in progress. It is possible I am the least to have knowledge of that. Before, in any case of mass media.

Saint Gotard Gallery and the sleep of Europe

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Switzerland, completely alone, realized gallery of Saint Gotard. Eleven years of work, 57 kilometers of gallery (the longest of world) which points on rail North Europe with Mediterranean Europe.
I ask to me if Europe is conscious of how many millions of tons of goods shall pass from rubber to rail, of how many industrial and services activities shall born and shall develop on around such a rail line. No European Country was present the day of inauguration.

Eolic challenge

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Obama challenged for eolic energy in the world. England and France would have the duty to aid him. For interest of same Europe.

The third industrial revolution

Monday, February 28th, 2011

It is already under way, also if timidly, some years ego and it is founded on four structural fields of worldly economy.
1- Electric transport on rail and on water of every kind. Air transport is useful over thousand miles.
2- Alternates energies, solar and Aeolian. I have always some doubt on about the nuclear. Ecologic calamity caused by petrol says clearly that human error, frivolity and indifference are inevitable. A nuclear catastrophe should be again more terrifying.
3- Communications online shall change the world. All peoples shall be able to communicate and each single man shall be able to receive communications “on demand”.
4- Agriculture only shall be able to resolve problems of third world : Africa,, Latin America, Asia. America and France , two Countries very advanced in agriculture, shall have to present and to lead the big projects.
Manufacture cannot be structural , but it shall be useful like corollary .
Projects shall be necessary very big and consequently multinationals with mixed capitals public and private.

New structure and natural catastrophe

Monday, February 28th, 2011

It needs a new structure of towns and country. Totally in Italy , a good part in Europe. Before all a geologic study. In order to face or avoid seismic and volcanic zones and coast as target of sea-quakes and hurricanes.
It needs understand that natural catastrophes became always with the same frequency and intensity. They aren’t an embitterment of our days. One of Apocalypse’s riders represented destructive powers of Nature.
It needs also understand that such great natural movements are signs of vitality of our Planet that, being alive, it can offer hospitality to humanity. At contrary our Planet should be a desert without guests like Moon, Venus and Mars.
The new structure lies in facing these problems and also in avoiding ambient dangers that we know. Examples of new structure already exist in various Countries. It needs only to copy them.
To this purpose other blogs shall follow. However some blogs have been already published and they are still topical and valid.

Advanced technologies

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Examples of advanced technological works already exist in the world. There isn’t that reproduce them.
Please to think to Japanese aerial viaducts or to American elevated roads with infinity of lanes. Please to think to RER of Paris, to most various sources of energy and to infinites technological applications in agriculture industry and services. Please think to infinites developments in the telecommunications.
But it needs reproduce them in anywhere they don’t exist. Always in a multinational program.

Acreage- an example of liberal-socialism

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Each year American “Secretary to agriculture” fixes acreage for each produce (cotton, mail, soy
And other) proportionally distributed between the agriculturists.
Each agriculturist , after, in the ambit of acreage received, can develop his production either quantitatively or qualitatively.
This is an example of liberal-socialism interdependent in a Country which , to only word “socialism”, would mobilize the National Gard.

Multinational programs are indispensable

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Algeria already placed solar panels on Sahara. Please try to think to how many million of solar panels it is possible to put on the Sahara., Please also try to think to how many million of gigantic fauns it is possible to place on Cape Horn where stormy is usual. It needs also add infinite miles of cables for transporting and distributing energy.
Please try to think.

The new industry

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Today manufacture, textile or mecanic, is monopoli of third world and of under-developed Countries. When such Countries shall arrive to most high le3vel of ndevelopment , generations of that time shall be obliged to invent a new away to lead this work.
In order to aid humanity , it is not possibile to think sufficient the work of third world.
For worldly peace it is necessary to give a little of wellfair to all peoples.
Developed Countries must at contrary engage themselves in search and production of super-technologies not only for themselves but also for all the world.
It becomes necessary a work of general and new construction.
Many towns and countrysides are too old . They can die or esplode.

Agricolture and technologies

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Sixty years ego the “Marche” (italian region) were a burne grownd without life. Now it is a picture of Cezanne .
Technologies applied to each stage of agricultural production made a miracle. It isen’t a miracle , but a method to be divulgated specially in the third world. Itr should be a care for misery of humanity.
America and France hold the powerful agricultures of world. It i sto them divulgation of technologies. It is known that the most part of irrigation’s systems is french. I constatated it, some years ego , in the”Porte de Versailles”, one3 of the most important agricultural fair of world.
But engagement for the third world is not sufficient. Each Country must develop at maximum technologies of its own agricolture in order to increase its production.