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From Palestine to Syrie

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The problem of Middle East has moved from Palestine to Syrie.
The Palestiniens have a Country, a Parliament. They are free to live in peace. If they prefer the terrorism of Hamas, they become an affair of public order. A news item. The world has anymore ideal interest for them. They have tired all. Syrie, at contrary, after having withdrawn from Lebanon its occupying troops, has maintained its influence over this Contry making a “trait-d’union” between Iran and the esbollah for the delivery of arms to such terrorists. But Teheran has surpassed the sign giving order to esbollah to provoke war against Israel. The result is Lebanon full of ruins. War finished for interposition of UNO, also if confusedly, Syrie is now between the pressure of Condoleezza Rice, who want push it near moderate arabe countries, and the pressure of Teheran who is afraid to rest isolated. Consequently Syrie must decide. And it needs it decide in a hurry. In any case it not difficult to anticipate that world shall have to renounce, at least for about ten years, to iranian petrol.

In Lebanon esbollah from who shall be disarmed?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Lebanon shall give a reply to politic of dialogue with Iran against politic of strong and hard reply to terrorism. Iran, it is known, don’t want dialoguer but, at contrary, it spends how much it gains by petrol in order to aid talebans in Afghanistan, civil war in Iraq, esbollah in Lebanon, and all terrorist groups over the entire world, instead to aid its own people.
The most important matter is that risk for soldiers must be well calculated.
At contrary Lebanon should be a trap.
France, who invented theory of dialogue, has limited at minimum number of it soldiers and has renounced at the general command.
Russie and China have found such a idea very satisfactory because alternative to America. But they have reduced at minimum their military participation. These are the facts. We await the reply from Lebanon.