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Analogies between Confucio's justice and Sartre's moral

 China Google.cn and China Microsoft (Msn.cn) have introduced us in the China network giving the first places to our cultural subjects (New Humanism and Sartre's moral, Heretical refusal as base of History, Generation betrayed, Inauthentic Myths, Ulysses and his singers and Interludes for Sapphos and Alcaeus as theatre-pöetry). China students have a new source of knowledge and their theatres can translate our "pièces". My web-site is known in Occident because it is addressed to students of secundary school which shall be the next dirigents class.
By Confucius:

The most part of men behave without knowing why. But an inner reflection discloses wisdom.


By Sartre:

Reflection drives out alienation and consequently discovers moral.


The real teacher studies past time for knowing present time.


Past time is the project for the future that we live as present.


Man births uncivilized. Education makes noble the man if applied to nature with harmony.

Man is ignoble. It needs to love him for that he could be and not for that he is. 


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